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Denktank voor Sociaal-Ecologische Verandering



Oikos think tank strives for social and ecological change by contributing to public debate from an ecological perspective. Oikos focuses on long term challenges that are discussed too little in the social debate, but which are crucial for the future of our society and coming generations. Our starting positions are the environmental limitations of the planet and worldwide solidarity.

Oikos wants to provide an inspiring framework for positive practices. We foster hands-on initiatives that demonstrate how working towards a sustainable society is possible. These are part of the ‘new social movement that is not yet aware of its own existence’, as German social psychologist Harald Welzer puts it.

In Oikos’ seminars, lectures, publications and opinion pieces, the different dimensions of this aspiration to change are deliberated: the underlying ethics, the analysis of the current situation and the development of alternatives, together with concrete strategies to get there. In round table discussions, seminars, reading groups and blog posts Oikos offers involved citizens and experts the chance to expand their knowledge, exchange ideas and to start a common learning process.

Oikos publishes Dutch translations of thought-provoking books such as Money and Sustainability - the Missing Link by Bernard Lietaer e.a., The End of Growth by Richard Heinberg, Prosperity without Growth by Tim Jackson or Selbst denken by Harald Welzer. Oikos also brings together scholars, writers and activists from all over the world like Juliet Schor, Michel Bauwens or Vandana Shiva for inspiring lectures

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