Prosperity Without Growth

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Our society is locked in a dilemma. On the one hand, we need economic growth to secure social security, on the other hand we are already asking more from our planet earth than it can bear. To protect the environment, we need to abandon this model of economic growth, but this means that our economic system will become unstable.  This dilemma – unsustainable or unstable – is the starting point of the book ‘Prosperity without Growth’ by the British economist Tim Jackson.  

His search to reconcile our wish for a good life within the restrictions of a finite planet, goes further than just raising this interesting question. Jackson also indicates how we can get out of this conflict. He offers a new economic model that puts ecological investments and a green service economy at centre stage. The author questions the necessity of economic growth and shows what it truly means to be prosperous. He also offers alternatives so everyone can take fully part in life without the need for new material consumption. 

‘Prosperity without Growth’ was in Great-Britain received by The Financial Times as ‘one of the most important books of the year’.  

‘Tim Jackson describes in a unique way how the current structures of production and consumption created a society that is addicted to unsustainable growth, but where quality of life knows little or no improvement. Jackson offers reflection and inspiring perspectives on how this lock-in can be broken. An absolute masterpiece that stands next to other classics like Limits to Growth by Donella and Dennis Meadows and Steady state economics by Herman Daly.’  - Arnold Tukker, TNO and teacher Sustainable innovation at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. 

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