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Roman Krznaric: The Good Ancestor (webinar)

With the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation

How can we be good ancestors?

The only way to move from an extractive economy to a regenerative one, is through a just transition. This means making sure that we leave nobody behind. This also means embracing solidarity with future generations. Just Transition is about shifting our perspective from short-termism to considering the planet we leave to our descendants. In his latest book The Good Ancestor, philosopher Roman Krznaric develops this core point magnificently. He dives into history and the human mind to show that we can think and plan in the long-term. How will the grandchildren of our grandchildren remember us?

Fortunately, more and more time rebels – the people who are fighting for intergenerational justice – are putting this holistic plea on the agenda. Drawing on radical innovations from around the world, Krznaric celebrates those who are reinventing democracy, culture and economics so that we all have the chance to become good ancestors and create a better tomorrow.

After the presentation, the author will be joined by Philsan Osman, student, aspiring writer and community builder for a discussion on past, present and future interdependence and solidarity.

Language: English

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This event is organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of Oikos Think Tank and with the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation. The European Parliament is not responsible for the content of this webinar.

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